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Orion have been helping people holiday in the UK for 27 years and during this time we have also partnered with other agencies across the world to allow you the chance to buy your perfect property abroad.

Whether you want to enjoy the sand and the sea with a beach front resort, a villa that is part of a golf and leisure complex or somewhere that is in the hustle and bustle of nearby towns and cities. There are a number of choices on offer to suit you.

Our Expertise

We have helped hundreds of clients over the years to purchase a holiday homes, both in the UK and abroad. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the holiday home market and we aim to deliver exceptional service, taking the stress out of buying a property and with the aim of finding the right one for you. Putting you in contact with agencies we trust outside of the UK. Plus, if you’re looking to purchase a property as an investment and rent it out, we can advise on the sort of income you can expect.

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If you have any questions at all, we are just a phone call away. Please call us on 01285 861839 – we’d love to help you find the perfect holiday home.




Considering buying aboard then Cyprus is a amazing choice. With beautiful beaches to relax and cities with amenities such as gourmet restaurants as well as offering historic sites and culture. It is a change to enjoy the Mediterranean laid back, stress free approach to living.